175℃ High Temperature Directional Sensor on Wireline Logging and Borehole Logging

Product Details

1.175℃ High Temperature Directional Sensor on Wireline Logging  and Borehole Logging

HNYN provides a wide variety of high temperature directional and logging sensors designed for oil and gas exploration in challenging hotter environments. Our sensors are used in wireline logging ,borehole logging, directional drilling, EM and pulse based MWD systems and in high temperature drilling applications for oil, gas and geothermal.

Our sensors feature rugged construction, high reliability, and high accuracy. Our sensors support two communication protocols for wide range of information from down hole to surface, including roll, inclination, azimuth, vibration, shock, and rotational data.

Introduction of the Directional Sensor- WL SERIES:

The directional sensors are designed to real time monitor well bore inclination, azimuth, motor angle tool face and down hole temperature. And technologies from HT accelerometers, magnetometers and thick film hybrid integrated circuit enables directional sensors to work in 175 ℃~200℃ down hole environment. Besides, they have more advantages such as smaller size, compact structure, better vibration resistance, and higher reliability. Specified sensor shape, outer connection mode can be designed according to various clients' requirements.



● WL600

● WL600H

● WL800

● WL800H

Product characteristics:

● Maximum accuracy: inclination of ±0.1°, azimuth of ±0.3°and toolface of ±0.1°within 0~175℃.

● With accurate measurement under strong vibration of 10g peak value(20Hz~100Hz)

● With shock resistance of 1000g, and vibration of 20grms

● Digital data transmission

● With minimum size of Φ31mm×384mm( four types of standard shape, and can be customized according to users’  demands.

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Technical parameters:

Measurement Accuracy






±0.3° @90°

±1° @10°

±2° @5°

Electrical Performance

Input voltage range


Input current


Standby: 10mA@15V

Logic level


Baud Rate

9600 (default) up to115200

Communication protocol

ASCⅡor binary

Working Environment

Compensation temperature range


Storage temperature range



1000G, 0.5ms

Vibration when drilling


Outline Parameters






MDM9SH003P (MDM15PH003F)

Matching connector

MDM9PH003L (MDM15SH003L)

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