Manufacturer of High Accuracy Inclination MWD Geosteering Sensor Directional Sensor Tools

Product Details

Manufacturer of high accuracy inclination MWD geosteering sensor directional sensor tools 

Product features:

● Temperature: 0~175℃


±0.1°for inclination

±0.1°for toolface

±0.3° for azimuth

● The DS950H directional sensor can be calibrated by remote mode;

● Accurate measurement under strong vibration environment with 10g peak value(20Hz~100Hz);

● Shock resistance 1000g,vibration resistance 20grms;

● Digital data transmission;

● With minimum size of Φ31mm×384mm(customized to different needs);

Product applications:

● Directional drilling,geological steering


Product description:

The DS950H directional module is designed to enable high accuracy measurement of the toolface(roll), inclination and azimuth orientation angles in borehole logging and drilling applications. The DS950H directional sensor can be calibrated by remote mode. 

Using ±12V~±15V,+5V DC voltage power supply and adopting UART asynchronous transmitter for digital transmission. It consists of 3-axisfluxgate magnetometers and 3-axis accelerometers. 

Provided with temperature compensation function, the DS950H enables the system reach to the accuracy of ±0.1°for inclination, ±0.1°for toolface and ±0.3° for azimuth. 

The maximum transmission rate is 6 times/second for the magnetometer and the accelerometer output and 4 times/second for the orientation angles.

The DS950H communicates with the outside world over a UART interface.  It is compatible with TTL and CMOS through logic level, and the baud rate is normally set at 300~115200 to operate. The user can change baud rate by setting data bits in E2PROM.

TWO communication protocols can be selected according to specific requirements:

(1) Binary system: under this system, user needs to send one bit for data request and DS720 responds with multi-bit data package.

(2) ASCII : ASCII  protocol acquires data by sending ASCII character to DS950H. data returned from DS950H is transmitted as ASCII data flow,therefore can be easily indicated on the video terminal.









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