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Wireline Logging Directional Sensor An Important Component Of The System Performance

Wireline Logging Directional Sensor are the source of information systems and, to some extent, are key components that determine system characteristics and performance indicators. Wireline Logging Directional Sensor are physical, chemical, biological and other natural science and mechanical, civil, chemical and other engineering technology in the non-electrical signals into electrical signals transducer. Wireline Logging Directional Sensor are indispensable and are an important part of determining system performance to a certain extent in systems such as measurement, testing, detection, monitoring, analysis, positioning, tracking, navigation, guidance, control and health management of objective objects. Therefore, both the materials, components and components, or system developers are highly concerned about the progress of the sensor. Wireline Logging Directional Sensor are a combination of science and engineering products, both dependent on new phenomena and new laws of science, but also on new technologies and processes.

The Wireline Logging Directional Sensor can be classified from different angles. (Such as size, angle, surface parameters, displacement, velocity, acceleration, angular displacement, angular velocity, etc.); thermal quantities (eg temperature, pressure, flow, density, viscosity, mass, etc.), which are different from the measured, ; Optical quantity (intensity, power, wavelength, frequency, phase, speed, pulse width, delay, refractive index, beam angle, etc.); acoustic quantity, biological parameters, medical quantity (physiological parameters) and so on. From the sensor output is different, can be divided into analog signals (continuous wave and pulse wave), digital signals, voltage and current Wireline Logging Directional Sensor.

The sensor is a sensor that integrates electromechanical sensitive components and processing circuits based on various physical effects on a single chip using integrated circuit technology and micromachining. MEMS is the abbreviation of microelectromechanical systems, generally referred to as microelectromechanical. As shown below, mainly by the micro-machine photoelectric sensor and micro-signal processor components. The former function is the same as the traditional sensor, the difference is the use of MEMS technology to achieve the traditional sensor photoelectric components. The latter function is to carry out various processing of the data output by the sensitive element to compensate and correct the distortion of the sensitive element characteristic and the influence of the introduction of the distortion, and then restore the real measurement.

Fiber optic Wireline Logging Directional Sensor are Wireline Logging Directional Sensor that utilize fiber optic components. Compared with the traditional sensor, optical fiber sensor has high sensitivity, anti-electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, easy to connect with the computer and the measured object, simple structure, small size, light weight, low power consumption, suitable for toxic Harmful, fire and explosion-proof environment and the advantages of remote distribution applications.

Fiber optic Wireline Logging Directional Sensor have many classification methods. According to the working principle can be divided into functional and non-functional type. Functional fiber optic sensor is the use of optical fiber as a sensitive element, based on the physical effects of fiber, measured fiber parameters, and then adjust the optical fiber parameters, it is also known as sensor or all-optical fiber sensor. The figure below shows the schematic diagram of this sensor. Non-functional sensor is the use of other sensitive components feel the changes measured, and the sensitive components of the parameters of light modulation parameters, optical fiber only as a transmission medium, from distant or difficult to access the optical signal, it is also known as transmission or hybrid Type fiber optic sensor.

In the era of high-speed growth, the development of Wireline Logging Directional Sensor will be strong from the field of intelligent hardware, smart cars, intelligent factories and other fields, and will continue to expand in the fields of environmental monitoring and health care.

The MEMS full name is Micro Electromechanical System (Micro Electromechanical System), the use of traditional semiconductor technology and materials, micro-Wireline Logging Directional Sensor, micro-actuators, micro-mechanical institutions, signal processing and control circuits, high-performance electronic integrated devices, And power is equal to one of the micro-devices or systems. This small size, low cost, integrated, intelligent sensor system is the future direction of the development of Wireline Logging Directional Sensor, but also the core of things.