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Single Channel Voltage Regulator Equipment Requirements

In the automotive electrical system, the Single Channel Voltage Regulator in which play a huge role, its normal work can be the normal use of automotive electrical equipment and life extension to protect. Car power equipment is mainly dependent on the power supply of the generator, when the battery power is insufficient, the generator has become a battery charging power. Therefore, the automotive generators in the automotive electrical equipment is a very important component.

The alternator, as an important power source for the vehicle, cooperates with the Single Channel Voltage Regulator to supply power to all electrical equipment except the starter and to charge the battery when the generator is operating normally. In the era of automotive electronics, the alternator and Single Channel Voltage Regulator detection has also been a high attention.

The task of the generator rotor is to produce a magnetic field consisting of a slip ring, a rotor shaft, a claw pole, a yoke, and a magnetic field winding. The rotor shaft is fitted with claw pole, and the slip ring consists of two copper rings insulated from each other. When the DC through the two slip ring, the current can pass through the excitation winding, resulting in axial flux, the two claws were magnetized to

N-level and S-level, the final formation of 6 pairs or 8 pairs of intertwined magnetic poles. During the rotation of the rotor, a rotating magnetic field is formed.

The stator is the armature of the generator and its work is to produce alternating current. When the stator is mounted on the rotor, the flux in the stator winding changes when the rotor rotates inside the stator, resulting in alternating induced electromotive force. The stator winding uses a star connection to produce three-phase alternating current to obtain a three-phase electromotive force.

The task of the generator rectifier is to convert the three-phase alternating current of the stator windings into direct current. Install the positive tube on the aluminum heat sink and connect it to the armature terminal on the rear cover as the positive terminal of the generator. Install the negative tube on the other aluminum heat sink and the back cover Connected as a negative terminal.

The end cap is part of the rotor, stator and rectifier and brush components fixed, generally made of aluminum alloy, to avoid leakage of magnetic, and good heat dissipation. The end cap is divided into two parts before and after, and a brush assembly is mounted on the rear end cover. A pulley is mounted at the front of the generator and the generator is driven by a fan belt. After the pulley is fitted with a vane fan, the main work is forced ventilation.

Because the rotor of the generator is driven by the belt to drive the engine, and the engine and the alternator ratio of 1.7 to 3, the alternator rotor speed often occurs relatively large changes, which will lead to the generator output voltage The occurrence of a more substantial change, and can not meet the work requirements of automotive electrical equipment. The role of the Single Channel Voltage Regulator is to control the generator output voltage, so that the output voltage to maintain a constant state, to meet the requirements of automotive appliances. The operating principle of the generator Single Channel Voltage Regulator is to keep the generator output voltage UB constant by reducing the magnetic flux of the generator by reducing the excitation current If of the generator when the alternator speed is increased.

The main reasons for the generator not to generate power include: rectifier diodes and channeling short circuit or open circuit; short-circuit or open-circuit winding or three-phase stator winding short-circuit or ground; rotor slip ring more serious oxidation or stains, Or carbon card in the brush holder. If the generator fails,Single Channel Voltage Regulator  you can first in the car for the initial detection, and then the generator is not disassembled removed for further testing. You can use multimeter, DC ammeter and DC voltmeter and oscilloscope and other tools for testing.

With a multimeter to detect the voltage file, the multimeter transferred to 30V, with a red pen and generator armature posts connected to the shell connected to the black table pen, the engine to maintain a moderate speed above,Single Channel Voltage Regulator  12V electrical system voltage standard value should be kept about 14V, and 24V Of the electrical system is maintained at about 28V. If the measured voltage is the battery voltage, then the generator does not generate electricity.