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Role of the regulator

The outstanding advantages of the linear regulator is to have the lowest cost, lowest noise and the lowest quiescent current. Its peripheral devices rarely, usually only one or two bypass capacitor. New linear regulator can reach the following targets: 30 μv output noise, 60dB PSRR, 6 μA supply current and 100mV of differential pressure. Linear regulators can implement these features mainly due to an internal reorganization of pipe using a pipe p-channel field-effect, instead of the usual linear regulator in the PNP transistor. P ditch road of field effect tube not need base very current drive, so greatly reduced has devices itself of current; on the, in used PNP tube of structure in the, to prevent PNP transistor into saturated reduced output capacity, must guarantee larger of entered output pressure poor; and p ditch Dojo effect tube of pressure poor roughly is equal to output current with guide pass resistance of product, minimum of guide pass resistance makes its pressure poor very low. When the input voltage and the output voltage in the system approach, linear regulator is the best choice, you can achieve very high efficiency. So to convert lithium-ion battery voltage 3V voltage applications mostly used linear regulators, despite the discharge energy of battery last 10% is not used, but in structure of low noise linear regulators are still able to provide a longer battery life