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High Temperature Regulator The Opening And Closing Temperatures Are Stable

As the weather turns cold, every household is ready to turn on the heating system. Studies have shown that about 60% of households have at least one mistake when using thermostats, leading to higher energy costs. For example, if the temperature is set to 22 ° instead of 21 °, an annual increase of £ 75 in energy expenditure.

We take the disc hot bimetallic spring structure, because it has a reverse jump action larger thrust, small size and so on. This allows the temperature regulator to open and close the temperature stability, and good reproducibility.

type temperature regulator (hereinafter referred to as the regulator) is the use of hot bimetallic sheet to do temperature components. The hot bimetallic sheet is a combination of two layers of metal (or alloy) with different expansion coefficients that are firmly bonded to each other. One of the higher coefficient of thermal expansion of the active layer, the lower coefficient of thermal expansion layer for the passive layer. When the hot bimetallic sheet is heated, the active layer is free to expand longer than the passive layer, but because of the combination of the two layers, the free expansion of the active layer is limited by the passive layer,High Temperature Regulator resulting in outward tension, free expansion of the passive layer By the active layer of the stretch, resulting in inward pull. The torque of the two forces causes the hot bimetal to bend into the convex of the active layer and the arc of the passive layer. When cooling, the opposite is true. When this bending is limited, will produce thrust, the thermal energy into mechanical energy. We have adopted the disc-type hot bimetallic spring piece after forming and heat treatment,High Temperature Regulator can be made in a variety of different temperature flip and reset the components at various temperatures. Through its flip and reset to achieve the purpose of controlling the electrical contact opening and closing. It has a simple structure, solid and reliable, easy maintenance, good vibration resistance, low price, etc., which has been widely used.

The biggest advantage of the accumulator heater is the ability to use cheap non-peak power overnight energy storage, and then in the days of these energy and then gradually released. But in fact many people do not know its working principle, which can not take advantage of this advantage.

Many power packs also have an electric heating plate inside, which can result in higher energy costs if the installation is incorrect and the heater is heated by the electric heating plate rather than the heat stored overnight.

The Energy Conservation Foundation recommends that the conventional power storage heater have an input setting and an output setting that determines how much off-peak power will be used by the heater at night to produce heat that can be released during the day. And the output setting determines how much heat will be released (if there is still heat stored). So the user should adjust the input settings based on the amount of heat that will be needed the next day, and adjust the output settings according to how much heat is needed to release.

If the heater has no heat available at night, or the temperature goes low, you may need to increase the input setting. If the temperature goes high, or if the heat is already enough for a day, you can try to lower the input setting.

Before leaving the bed or out of the output settings will be closed,High Temperature Regulator you can avoid heating room without room. You can even turn off the heater half an hour before going to bed because the equipment and the room will take some time to get cool.

Also, do not forget to turn off the heater's main switch in the summer, rather than just turning off the input and output settings. But remember to need to reopen the day before the day,High Temperature Regulator so the next day will have the heat available.