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High Temperature Regulator Leading To Higher Energy

As the weather turns cold, every household is ready to turn on the heating system. Studies have shown that about 60% of households have at least one mistake when using thermostats, leading to higher energy costs. For example, if the temperature is set to 22 ° instead of 21 °, an annual increase of £ 75 in energy expenditure.

1. High Temperature Regulator (52% of the error ratio) when the outdoor temperature goes low

It is not necessary to do so because the purpose of the thermostat is to adjust the final room temperature. Energy expert Greg Shreeve said that if the temperature of the thermostat was increased in this case, it would be possible to cause the final room temperature to be too high to waste energy.

2. Increase the temperature of the thermostat for faster heating

Many people will choose to increase the temperature of the thermostat when entering the low temperature housing, but in fact this will not speed up the temperature rise, the thermostat can only adjust the final temperature, so this will also lead to indoor final temperature overheat.

3. Think that heating equipment continues to operate at low temperatures more energy efficient than on-demand switches

Energy Conservation Foundation believes that this behavior can only lead to heating equipment in the absence of heating time, and when the guests return to the time but feel too cold. So it is best to use the thermostat to control the heating equipment work time, only when someone at home when the operation.

4. Allow the water heater to operate all day to ensure that hot water is available

This error causes the user to spend a lot of money on the cost of energy. Shilu Fu suggested that you should first ensure that the tank to do heat treatment,High Temperature Regulator so that the morning hot water to noon will be warm. If you want to wash the shower in the morning, you can set the water heater to start heating up half an hour before getting up, and if you need to do a cleaning work such as a dishwashing at night, you can set up a hot water before that.

5. Power storage heaters need 24 hours of operation (only 38% of the owners understand its operating principle)

The biggest advantage of the accumulator heater is the ability to use cheap non-peak hours of energy overnight energy storage, and then in the days of these energy and then gradually released. But in fact many people do not know how it works, and thus can not take advantage of this advantage.

Shi Li Fu said that many power storage inside the heater also has an electric heating plate, if set incorrectly will cause the heater to use electric heating plate heating rather than overnight storage of heat, which will lead to higher energy costs.

The Energy Conservation Foundation recommends that a conventional power storage heater has an input setting and an output setting that determines how much non-peak power will be used by the heater at night to produce heat that can be released during the day. And the output setting determines how much heat will be released (if there is still heat stored). So the user should adjust the input settings according to the amount of calories that will be needed the next day, and adjust the output settings according to how much heat is needed to release.

If the heater has no heat available at night,High Temperature Regulator or the temperature goes low, you may need to increase the input setting. If the temperature goes high, or if the heat is already enough for a day, you can try to lower the input setting.

Before you go to bed or exit the output settings before closing, you can avoid heating the unmanned room. You can even turn off the heater half an hour before going to bed because the equipment and the room will take some time to get cold.

Also, do not forget to turn off the heater's main switch in the summer, rather than just turning off the input and output settings. But remember to need to be opened again before the day,High Temperature Regulator so the next day will have the heat available.