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High Temperature Accelerometer Simple Structure And Strong Maneuverability

With the development of inertial navigation technology, High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer   is mainly used to measure the line motion information of the carrier, and it can calculate the attitude angle, velocity and position of the carrier by combining the angular motion information provided by the gyroscope. The High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer   and gyroscope form the main part of inertial measurement unit (inertial measurement units, IMU), which makes the inertial navigation system possible. Nowadays, because of its simple structure, strong maneuverability, light weight, small size, vertical take-off and landing, high reliability and good service, the multiple rotors are widely used, which is the function of the High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer  . Multi-rotors usually use low cost High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer  s based on MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system, MEMS).

The High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer   was not loaded, but the measurements were bad. What's wrong?

We need to have some discussion.

There are many factors that lead to this problem. Measurements may be disturbed or contaminated by various other factors. Different situations may encounter different types of problems. But in this particular case, the problem may be unfamiliar to you. At first look, testing this structure should not be difficult, not much problem.

Let's test a different structure to reproduce the problems of your measurement system. Here, a simple flat structure is hammered and measured using an High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer  . Perform three different tests to indicate the problems that may arise during the measurement.

High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer  s (High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer  ) measure the acceleration of the instrument. Acceleration measurement is an important issue in engineering technology. When an object has a large acceleration, the object and the apparatus it contains and other objects without relative acceleration are subjected to the same force that produces the same acceleration, that is, the dynamic load. To know the dynamic load, the acceleration will be measured. Secondly, to know the space position of each instantaneous aircraft, rocket and warship, the acceleration can be measured continuously through inertial navigation (see Gyro platform Inertial Navigation system), then the velocity component is obtained by integral operation, and the position coordinate signal of One direction is obtained again by integrating. The measuring results of the three coordinate directions synthesize the motion curve and give the space position of each instantaneous craft. In some control systems, the acceleration signal is often needed as part of the information needed to generate control, and there is also the problem of continuously measuring acceleration. A device that can continuously give an acceleration signal is called an High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer  .

The High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer   consists of a detection mass (also known as a sensitive mass), a support, a potentiometer, a spring, a damper, and a shell. The inspection of the quality of the supported constraints can only be moved along an axis, which is often referred to as an input shaft or a sensitive axis. When the instrument housing is accelerated along the sensitive axis with the carrier, according to Newton's law, the detection quality with certain inertia is tried to keep its original motion state unchanged. It and the shell will produce a relative motion, so that the spring deformation, so that the detection of the quality of the spring force under the action of accelerated motion. When the spring force and the detection of mass acceleration of the inertia force produced by the phase equilibrium, the detection quality and the shell will no longer have a relative motion, then the deformation of the spring reflects the size of the measured acceleration. The potentiometer is used as a displacement sensing element to convert the acceleration signal to an electrical signal for output. The High Temperature High Temperature Accelerometer   is essentially a one-degree-of-freedom oscillation system, and the damper is used to improve the dynamic quality of the system.