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High Temperature Accelerometer Installation Tooling And Protection

The High Temperature Accelerometer  is used to measure, in order to make the data accurate and easy to use, it can be installed in many ways.

1. Screw Installation

Using a screw installation, its frequency response can approximate the original calibrated frequency response and is called a rigid installation. The screw is mounted in a hole that allows the hole to be punched along the axis of the vibration source.

2. Bonding installation

When the object is not allowed to drill, a variety of bonding agents such as "502", epoxy resin, double-sided adhesive tape, putty. It should be noted that the use of the first two methods of frequency close to the rigid installation method, the latter two are generally used in the Low-frequency field, and will make the measured frequency greatly reduced. The bonding method is not suitable for impact measurement.

3. Magnetic Pedestal

The advantage of the magnetic pedestal is that it is convenient to move without destroying the object being measured. However, it should be considered that the use of the magnetic seat test will make the High Temperature Accelerometer 's frequency response to a decrease (the magnetic block in use will be shorter than the road strip removed!) ), which may be less than one-third. When used, the magnetic pedestal should be installed on the measured object, then the sensor should be screwed up, or the two should be lightly adsorbed on the measured object. The impact state will cause the sensor to accumulate charge and affect the test precision.

4. Mica Sheet/PTFE Film

Mica chip installation has two of functions, insulation, insulation. For high temperature test specimens, the frequency response of the High Temperature Accelerometer  can be reduced slightly with the thickness of 0.1 mm mica sheet pad. For insulation between specimen and High Temperature Accelerometer , mica and PTFE are the best materials.

5. Three to the sensor for screw through through hole installation, side thread for testing or testing.


1. Vibration measurement does not need to consider the High Temperature Accelerometer  polarity, impact measurement, should be aware of the following three meters whether the polarity is required.

2. The bottom surface of the sensor is <3μm by grinding finish, and the user should also polish the surface of the tested component to improve the smoothness and smoothness. The installation hole of the test component should be fitted with the fixing depth of the bolt, and the installation torque should be appropriate, preferably coated with a layer of silicone grease on the combination surface of the sensor and the component, and the high frequency response of the sensor will be improved.

3. For large-scale ultra-low-frequency sensors, screw installation, with the hands can be screwed. The level of the sensor can be measured by the self weight.

4. The installation torque of the screw-mounted sensor is recommended for 3Nm.

5. Installation tooling and protection for special site, sometimes to make some High Temperature Accelerometer  mounting block. If the sensor needs to float, can take the insulating material to install the transfer block, so that it is insulated with the measured object, or choose the insulating type product. In the humid place, the wiring plug should be used to take the sealing measures to ensure that the High Temperature Accelerometer  is well insulated, the recommended use of 703 silicone smear. In water use to choose waterproof products. On-line installation of protective cover can be used in industrial field. Of course, the specific acceleration sensor products, should also choose the appropriate installation method, so as not to cause unnecessary loss and trouble. If necessary, please consult the relevant staff of the company, there must be a satisfactory answer.