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General Requirements For Cable

Cable conductor does not allow welding, line allows welding of conductors, the distance between solder shall not be less than 300mm. Every single weld does not allow more than one of the conductors.

The insulation of the cable should be based on the heat-resisting rank selection of insulation materials. Nominal insulation thickness shall comply with the standard requirements, average insulation thickness should be not the nominal value, the thickness of the thinnest point not the nominal value of 90%~0.1mm. Should be double insulated cable used for special occasions, nominal thickness requirements above.

The shielding on the cable insulation requirements should be coated or extruded semi-conductive layer. Total cable cable shielding requirements should be coated with heat-resistant grades of semiconductive materials.

Armour opposite direction to wire consists of two layers of galvanized high-carbon steel wire or sulfur resistant alloy steel components. Inner and outer armor wire deformation processing should be carried out, on the cable to remove the inner and outer layers of wire cable should be able to maintain the original spiral shape (no flowers). Cable armor wire welding is not allowed.

Pre-stretching the cable should be heat-stable stereotypes, in order to reduce or eliminate residual elongation.