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Directional Well Drilling

Directional well drilling technical terms, means any designed with inclination and azimuth variation of orbital drilling of wells.

Directional well technology in today's world one of the most advanced drilling technology in petroleum exploration and development, it is made of a special downhole tools, measuring instruments and technologies effectively control the trajectory, bit along a particular direction drilling technology of drilling underground targets. Use directional drilling technology can make ground and underground conditions limit development of oil and gas resources to be economic and effective, to increase oil and gas production and reduce drilling costs, conducive to the protection of the natural environment, with significant economic and social benefits. Directional wells are well along in advance design of skew and azimuth hit target drilling methods.

Its sections there are three main types:

(1) two-stage type: vertical + make up section;

(2) three types: vertical stability + build + section;

(3) paragraph five: upper vertical segment + build + hold angle + drop + the lower vertical segment.

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