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Development Trends

In recent years, the rapid development of oil and gas drilling technology. Developed Turbo-drill, drill and screw drilling drilling technology realize air and foam wash, electric drill (AC-SCR-DC); directional drilling, deep drilling (at 6000 meters deep). Development to the following 3 types of drilling by drilling; cyclophosphamide injection drilling using drill bit nozzles larger than 100 meters per second high speed Jet breaking rock, remove cuttings. ② balanced drilling fluid column pressure of drilling fluid and formation pressure is approximately equal to prevent pollution and damage reservoirs. ③ optimized drilling, drilling parameters using computer data acquisition, processing, feedback, and make the overall economic effects to optimize the drilling project.

In order to further improve speed, ensure the quality of drilling must be computer-aided drilling, drills, high wear resistance of high-strength drill pipe, various control instruments, measurement-while-drilling, and so on. In order to obtain the original pressure-bearing strata, is necessary to develop a new type of pressure sealed coring tool, while also continuing to develop new type of drilling fluid additives and decontamination equipment, development of drilling fluid rheology control technology, perfect the way test technology, formation pressure detection technology as well as the new completion fluids.

Is working on new technologies and new methods: ①, balance, optimizing injection drilling three combined with computers and other drilling parameters optimization of hydraulic parameters. II rig and of mud pump capacity, enhanced hydraulic parameters, hydraulic fracturing, role to play. ③ perfect polymer drilling fluid and purification technology.