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Thick film circuit of the process

Thick film circuit is usually the use of printing technology in the ceramic substrate printed on the graphics and high temperature sintering to form a passive network. Manufacturing processes include: graphic design of the graphic: logic design. Circuit conversion. Circuit segmentation. Layout design. Planar element design. Discrete component selection. Consideration of parasitic effects at high frequencies. Considerations on Thermal Performance at High Power. Considerations of Noise under Small Signal. Production of printed screen: the graphic design of the graphic design method used in the production of stainless steel or nylon mesh. Circuit substrate and slurry selection: the production of thick film hybrid integrated circuit usually choose 96% of the alumina ceramic substrate (special circuit can choose other substrates), the slurry generally choose the United States DuPont. American Electronic Laboratory. 

Japan and other companies in the conduction band. medium. Resistance and other slurry. Screen printing: Use a press to print a variety of slurries on a substrate by making a good screen pattern. High temperature sintering: the printed substrate in the high temperature sintering furnace sintering, so that the slurry and the substrate between the formation of a good fusion and network interconnection, and thick film resistance to the stability. 

Laser resistance: the use of thick film laser dampers will sintered good circuit substrate printed thick film resistance resistance to the specified requirements. Surface Mount: The use of automatic placement machine will be posted on the various components and connectors assembled on the circuit substrate, and reflow soldering furnace to complete the welding, including welding leads and so on. Circuit test: the welding of the circuit in the test bench on a variety of functions and performance parameters of the test. Circuit package: the test of qualified circuit as required to the appropriate package. Finished product testing: the package of qualified circuits for retest. Warehouse: re-test the qualified circuit into the library.