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Thick film circuit material

In the thick film hybrid integrated circuit, the substrate serves to carry thick film elements. interconnection. External components and the role of encapsulation, etc., in the high-power circuit, the substrate also has the role of heat. Thick film circuit on the substrate requirements include: flatness. High thermal integrity; good electrical performance; high thermal conductivity; good thermal performance with other materials; good mechanical properties; high stability; good processing performance; cheap. Usually thick film circuit to select 96% of the alumina ceramic substrate, if you need better heat dissipation conditions can choose beryllium oxide substrate. In the thick film hybrid integrated circuit, the passive network is mainly in the substrate will be printed on a variety of paste into a graphic and high temperature sintering. Materials used include: conductor paste. 

Media slurry and resistance slurry. Thick film conductor is an important part of thick film hybrid integrated circuit, in the circuit from the active device interconnect. Multi-layer wiring. Capacitor electrode. The solder pad area of the external component. Resistor terminal material. Low resistance resistor. Thick film microstrip and so on. In the conductor paste, the usual thick-film hybrid integrated circuit uses palladium-silver material, which is used in some military circuits and high-precision circuits. It is a silver paste used in some less demanding circuits. Thick film resistive slurries are also an important part of thick film hybrid integrated circuits. Thick film resistors made from thick film resistive slabs are one of the most widely used and most important components. The thick film resistive slurry is composed of functional components. Bonding component. Organic carrier and modifier composition, the general use of the United States DuPont resistance slurry. Thick film media slurry is to achieve thick film paste the thick film. The multilayer of the step conductor and the performance parameters of the thick film resistors are not affected by the external environment. Including a condenser media slurry. Cross the multi-layer media slurry and encapsulate the media slurry.