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Load / load cell installation precautions

In order to ensure the accuracy of the load / load cell, there are still some problems in the installation and use process. Note that the installation and use of the load / load cell should pay attention to the following details to ensure that the load / sensor measurement accuracy and use life:

1, force / load cell to gently, especially for aluminum alloy with aluminum as a small capacity sensor, any vibration caused by the impact or fall, are likely to cause a large output error.

2, the design of the loading device and the installation should ensure that the load force of the line and force / load cell force axis coincidence, so that the impact of tilting load and eccentric load to a minimum.

3, in the level of adjustment. If you are using a single load cell / load cell, the mounting surface of the base is adjusted to the level using the level; if the sensor is measured at the same time, the mounting surface of the base should be kept as far as possible on a horizontal plane, The purpose of this is mainly to ensure that the power of each sensor is basically the same.

4, according to its description of the load / load cell range selection to determine the rated load of the sensor used.

5, the sensor base mounting surface should be as smooth and clean, without any oil or film, etc. exist. The mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity, usually requiring higher strength and rigidity than the sensor itself.

6, the sensor shell, protective cover, lead connectors are sealed, the user is not allowed to open.

7, to prevent chemical corrosion. Installation should use Vaseline smear force / load cell outside the surface. Should avoid the sun and the ambient temperature drastic changes in the use of field

8, should be avoided when the installation of protective or mitigation device should be installed.

9, in order to prevent large current directly channeling the sensor body and damage the sensor to prohibit the installation of the sensor after welding operations, in the last resort

10, in the load / load cell load device at both ends of the copper braided wire to do with the bypass.

11, the cable should not be self-lengthened, in the need to lengthen the joints should be in the soldering, and add moisture sealant.

12, in the load / load sensor around the best use of some baffle to cover the sensor. The purpose of doing so can prevent debris from falling into the motion part of the sensor, affecting its measurement accuracy.

13, the sensor cable should be away from the strong power lines or pulsating waves of the place, can not avoid the load should be measured force / load cell cable alone into the iron pipe, and try to shorten the connection distance.