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Application Status of Thick Film Circuits

With the development of technology, thick film hybrid integrated circuits use a growing range, mainly used in aerospace electronic equipment. Satellite communication equipment. electronic calculator. Communication system. auto industry. Audio equipment. Microwave equipment and household appliances. Thus, thick film hybrid integrated circuits have penetrated into many industrial sectors. In Europe, thick film hybrid integrated circuits in the computer application of the main position, and then is the remote communication. communication. Military and aviation and other departments. In Japan, a large number of consumer electronics products using thick-film hybrid integrated circuits. The United States is mainly used for aerospace. Communications and computers, of which the highest proportion of communications. In the color TV industry, thick film circuit is generally used as power circuit and high voltage circuit, including switching power supply circuit. As the discharge circuit. Frame output circuit. Voltage setting circuit. High voltage limit circuit. Sound circuit and comb filter circuit. In the aerospace and aerospace industries, thick film hybrid ICs are due to their structural and design flexibility. miniaturization. Lightweight. High reliability. Impact resistance and vibration. Anti-radiation and other characteristics, in airborne communications. radar. Fire control system. Missile guidance systems, and satellite and various types of spacecraft. TV. radar. Remote sensing and telemetry systems. In the military industry, thick film circuits are generally used for high stability. High precision. 

Small size of the module power supply, the sensor circuit, preamplifier circuit, power amplifier circuit. In the automotive industry, thick film circuits are generally used as generator voltage regulators. Electronic igniters and fuel injection systems. In the computer industry, thick film circuits are typically used in integrated memory. Digital processing unit. Data converter. Power supply circuit. The thermal print head in the printing device. In communication equipment, thick film hybrid integrated voltage controlled oscillator. Module power supply. Precision network. Active filter. Attenuator. 

Line equalizer. Bystander. Voice amplifier. High frequency and intermediate frequency amplifiers. Interface impedance converter. User interface circuit. Relay interface circuit. Two / four line converter. Automatic gain controller. Optical signal transceiver. Laser generator. Microwave amplifier. Microwave power distributor. Microwave filter. Broadband microwave detectors and so on. In the instrumentation and machine tool CNC industry, thick film hybrid integrated circuits are generally used for a variety of sensor interface circuit. Charge amplifier. Small signal amplifier. 

Signal generator. Signal converter. filter. IGBT and other power drivers. Power amplifier. Power converters and so on. In other areas, thick film multilayer technology has been successfully used for digital display tube decoding. Drive circuit, transparent thick film is also used for cold cathode discharge type. LCD digital display tube electrode. In addition, thick film technology in many emerging and electronic technology in the edge of the border also has the potential for sustainable development, the categories are: magnetic and superconducting film devices. Surface acoustic wave devices. Membrane - type solar cells. Sensitive devices (thermal sensitive. Sensitive. Pressure sensitive. Gas sensitive. Force sensitive). Membrane type solar cells. Integrated optical path and so on.